18 years of proven experience
Front Range Radon Control LLC. is your ONE STOP call for the job to be executed in a PROMPT AND PROFESSIONAL manner, re-tested, with guaranteed results below 4.0 (pCi/L). We will work with the realtor, home owner, or buyer to install a system that is functional, and one that will maintain the aesthetic value of the home.

Why do I need radon mitigation?
Radon causes lung cancer after prolonged exposure and can build to dangerous levels in certain homes. Radon is created from natural deposits of uranium and radium in the soil. Radon is an invisible, radioactive gas that decays into a series of solid particles known as radon decay products. Radon moves up through the soil into a home, and can accumulate and present a health concern for home owners. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and Surgeon General recommend that people not have long-term exposures in excess of 4 (pCi/L).

We use a certified lab to do our testing

Fans are made exclusively for radon mitigation purposes

We use all schedule 40 PVC pipe instead of the lower
grade 20 or 30.
All systems are vented above the eve of the home according to EPA Mitigation standards.
Due to the fact that radon systems generate condensation during the winter months, we use aluminum downspout to vent around the eve of the home, instead of the unsightly PVC pipe used by many other companies.
We prefer using aluminum because it will never rust as opposed to steel that will rust in a few years.

We install an air tight special sump cover with an access panel that allows the home owner to view whether or not water is filling up in your sump pit. Our cover gives you easy access to remove the lid if your sump pump needs to be changed out if it is not working. Other companies use the poor quality builder grade cover and caulk it down tight. This does not allow you to view the sump pit, and you would not know if the sump pit was filling up with water.


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